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Seek CIO AMS CRM Assessments

Are The Tools You Have Truly Working For You? 

AMS/CRM Assessments 

Your organization made a substantial investment in its Association Management System (AMS) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Chances are, you have some questions about its efficiency that you'd like answered from time to time. Questions like: 

  • Is your AMS living up to your original expectations? 

  • Have any needs arisen since implementation? 

  • Is your staff using the AMS to its full potential? 

  • Are the appropriate business rules in place and being followed? 

  • Does your AMS need an upgrade or is it time for a new system—perhaps even a CRM? 

Seek CIO helps associations answer these questions. We will review and compare your system's functionality against your organization’s goals, requirements, and business processes. With an extensive association management background and intricate knowledge of available solutions and solution providers, we know how to uncover and identify the underlying causes of AMS inefficiencies—gaps in functionality, business rules, or staff training. 

We then work with you to close those gaps through business process improvement, additional training, or—in some cases—the selection of a new system. If you decide to purchase a new system, we can also help you select the best AMS or CRM for your organization.

Seek CIO helps our clients select new technology solutions that align with their business goals and objectives.

We assist our clients in acquiring new technology that can meet current and improved business workflow.


In addition to offering CIO Executive IT Recruiting our software selection services are based on the key steps to a successful technology solution selection. They include the following: 


Before designing or purchasing a new nonprofit or association technology solution, you need to know what is required to seamlessly integrate any new technology within your organization.  We have extensive experience in gathering and defining requirements documentation for a multitude of systems.


We know how much rides on the system selection decision. Besides your personal reputation and sanity, your organization’s success relies heavily on the mission-critical technology you use to manage operations and serve your members and constituents. Seek CIO has helped many organizations like yours select the best vendors and solutions for their unique goals, needs, culture, and budget.


While a potential partner may look good on paper, it is difficult to know if their solution is the right one for you?  We, at Seek CIO are great matchmakers. With our extensive knowledge of the technology vendors and products that serve associations and nonprofits, we’ll find the best match for your organization’s needs, budget, and culture. What’s more, we’re entirely independent, not beholden to any vendor, software, or solution.


Once we find a potential partner, it is critical that the relationship get off on the right foot, and that means making sure all your paperwork is in order. We help you to carefully consider and document the contractual basis of your new vendor relationship and are here to help manage technology acquisition contracts, maintenance contracts, and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).


While all companies have at least some form of project management (informal or formal), when the project at hand is a complicated system implementation, it’s time to call an expert in technology project management. Project management is a demanding role that typically consumes 50-100% of someone’s time while also requiring a set of specialized skills that most association and nonprofit professionals haven’t acquired. 


Seek CIO provides expert, seamless planning and execution in relocating your IT Infrastructure to your next location(s) while minimizing downtime and loss of productivity. 

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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