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Seek CIO Provides Technology Consulting

Partner With Tech Experts Who Are Changing How We Use Technology

Technology Consulting 

Every organization, regardless of size, needs someone in charge of IT. Hiring an experienced CIO to lead your strategic technology efforts helps you get the most from your investments. CIO responsibilities often include managing IT staff, vendors, budgets, and assets; designing IT processes, standards, sourcing, and procurement; providing knowledge specific to your industry; enhancing application-specific knowledge; and representing the organization’s technology interest at the executive level. Below please find a few of our primary services: 

IT Assessments 

Keep your organization running smoothly with regular IT checkups. Find out how your technology helps or hinders your success before making any decisions about improving, expanding, or changing it, so you can move forward confidently. For an informed technology assessment, choose an IT partner like Seek CIO who already understands your business but gets to know your operations and culture to provide pragmatic recommendations for using IT to meet your goals.

AMS/CRM Assessments 

You made a substantial investment in your AMS or CRM software and you'd probably like to know whether it’s meeting expectations, being used fully by staff, or supports your future needs. Our team leverages an extensive association management background and intricate knowledge of available solutions to identify the underlying causes of AMS inefficiencies and close gaps through business process improvement, additional training, or the selection of a new system.

Fractional CIO: Interim, Turnaround, Outsourced

An Interim CIO adept in the business and culture of associations provides a flexible, timely solution to succession challenges. An Outsourced CIO develops a strategic plan and IT roadmap to guide your future initiatives. We focus on business needs for software applications while ensuring optimum network performance, security, and scalability. An Outsourced CIO achieves significant staffing savings—avoiding salaries, benefits, bonuses, and perks necessary to attract and retain in-house CIOs—while providing direction, controlling costs, and increasing efficiency.

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