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Seek CIO Fractional CIO Services

You Can't Afford Not To Have Your IT Strategy Implemented!

Fractional CIO 

Depending on the size of an organization and the make-up of the internal IT staff, having a dedicated Chief Information Officer (CIO) on staff may not be feasible or required on a full-time basis but you still need a knowledgeable resource to ensure that the organization's IT Strategy is implemented.

That is where we can help. 


A fractional CIO helps your organization plan and manage technology initiatives, creates and manages a sensible budget, and selects the appropriate staff for technology positions.


With Seek CIO, your organization can accomplish a range of goals—from a single initiative to a full-service offering.  Our consulting services are tailor made to meet your current and future technology and business needs.  We are experts at tying business strategy and goals to tactical technology plans.  


So whether you need someone to manage the day-to-day technology function of your organization or to re-align or evaluate your technology function and strategy.  You will benefit with a measurable  and positive impact on the progress of your strategic goals.

Strategic and tactical functions a fractional consulting CIO may fulfill typically include:


  • Managing IT staff, vendors, contracts, budgets, and assets

  • Designing IT processes, standards, methodologies, plans, strategies, sourcing, and procurement

  • Providing knowledge specific to the association/nonprofit industry

  • Enhancing and/or supporting the organization’s application-specific knowledge (e.g., AMS, CMS, FMS, CRM, data warehousing, etc.)

  • Representing the organization’s technology interest at the executive/board level

The benefits of a Fractional CIO resource from Seek CIO: 

  • Ensure the alignment of business goals and objectives with the deployment of technology

  • Provide senior level technical oversight and guidance for all major technology initiatives

  • Monitoring IT investments

  • Offering guidance to senior executives on how to achieve corporate goals by leveraging technology

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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